Thursday, May 19, 2011

nervous experiment


to decrease the level of nervousness.


the more u exercising, the more u courageous.


constant variables : confidence in yourself, dua n tawakkal.
manipulated variables : frequency of exercising.
responding variable : level of nervousness.


1.first, feel your nervousness and detect it at which level.(maybe u can detect it by doing presentation with many people around u yaa)
2.try do lighter exercising. do it by your ownself.
3.increase the frequency of exercising. with many people.try to present something.
5.feel your level of nervousness again.


u felt relieved when doing something even there so much people.

---> if that the result, so the hypotesis is accepted.

^^..moh le try~

tp kadang-kadang dla rase takut sangat sampai rase otak nie cramped n freeze.

mulut terkunci n jantung berdegup laju.

lalu rasa environment nie da tak cukup dengan oksigen.

erkk..rasa cam nak mati plak.

ohh..tolong daku Ya Allah~


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