Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strength Finder

sje je nak isi masa dengan jawab 60 soalan dari page Young Achiever...

nie la keputusannya :


Description of interest area
You like to use words, art, music or drama to express yourself, communicate or perform or you like to create or design things.
Some key skills

Expressing artistically or physically, communicating by speaking, in writing and singing, performing, designing, presenting, planning, composing, playing, dancing.
Some occupations with practical components
Art: artist, illustrator, photographer,

Music: composer, singer, instrument player, dancer

Literary: actor, reporter, writer, editor, advertiser

Designing: hairdresser, fashion designer.
Fields to consider
Creative Arts (Dancing, Acting, Music), Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Design, Movie Production, Interior Design & Marketing

ahaa..dancing.i like.even just dance macam kayu..

instrument player??..ehmmm..tamborin, kompang sama rekoder tau laa...ingat masa nasyid dulu-dulu..kompang tak pernah lekang dari tangan.


You like working indoors and at tasks that involve organizing and being accurate, following procedures, working with data or numbers, planning work and events.

Some key skills
Computing and keyboarding, recording and keeping records, paying attention to detail, meeting and greeting, doing calculations, handling money, organizing, arranging, working independently.

Some occupations with practical components
Secretary, receptionist, office worker, librarian, bank clerk, computer operator, stores and dispatch clerk.

Fields to consider
Accountancy, Finance, Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Tax Consulting, Banking, Technical Writing & Law

main nombor memang dla minat...tapi dalam math saje..untuk add math rasanya agak sukar sikit nak selesaikan segala persoalan yang timbul nie..

secretary dan librarian..nie best.especially jadi librarian...bila dla susun buku je, mula la ambik kesempatan nak buat aktiviti membaca jugak..sambil menyelam minum air!
lepas tu, boleh kutip duit sepuluh sen setiap hari dekat student yang sengaja nak derma duit kat pusat sumber..tue la student nie sangat suka bagi balik buku lambat-lambat.


Description of interest area
You like to work mainly with your hands making, fixing, assembling or building things, using and operating equipment, tools or machines. You often like to work outdoors.

Some key skills
Using and operating tools, equipment and machinery, designing, building, repairing, maintaining, working manually, measuring, working in detail, driving, moving, caring for animals.

lepas Comel mati, dla da xsanggup nak bela kucing lagi T.T

Some occupations with practical components
Pilot, farmer, builder, engineer, armed services personnel, mechanic, electrician, computer technologist, park ranger, sportsperson.

Fields to consider
Medicine & Health Sciences, Optometry,Engineering, Architecture, Music, Information Technology, Culinary Arts & Hotel Management

Baking cakes ^________^


Description of interest area
You like to discover and research ideas, observe, investigate and experiment, ask questions and solve questions.

Some key skills
Thinking analytically and logically, computing, communicating by writing and speaking, designing, formulating, calculating, diagnosing, experimenting, investigating.

buat lab report??

Some occupations with practical components
Science, research, medical and health occupations, chemist, marine scientist, forestry technician, medical or agricultural laboratory technician, dentist, doctor.

Fields to consider
Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Law, Marine Biology, Philosophy & Anthropology.

*masa buat inventori kerjaya kat UBK dulu pun artistik menguasai carta...

apa benar dla artistik?!

"Renung-renungkan ...dan selamat beramal"-

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